Monday, September 7, 2015

First Experiences with Distance Education

Chapter one:

One of the things that surprised me from chapter one was the length of time that distance education has been around. Distance education was established all the way back in the 1800s!! Obviously leaps and bounds have been made since the 1800s like China developing a National Higher Distance Education Program in the 1970s and Iowa currently having a state-owned, 3,000-mile fiber-optic network.  I had no idea that distance education was something that was created so many years ago!   

Something else that I found to be very interesting from my reading is that distance education is not considered a sustaining technology but rather a disruptive one. After learning what a "disruptive technology" is, I understand why distance learning falls under that category, it just seems like such a negative term.  

Something that I LOVED to see was how dedicated South Dakota is to distance education. Teachers get month-long distance education training, I would love to see that more throughout our country! 

My first experience with distance learning:

I believe that my first "real" experience with distance education was when I began attending Wayne State in 2008. Although I had gone to Macomb Community College for four years before that, there weren't many choices for classes that were off campus. I remember being very nervous about the first class that I took that was completely online. People were telling me how much harder it was and that you're pretty much on your own. After I took my first class, I was hooked! If a class that I needed was offered online, I took it. Not having to leave the comfort of my own home and being, for the most part, self paced, was awesome! Because of my distance education experiences, I truly realized how self directed and self motivated I was.  I loved distance education so much that I obtained my entire Master's degree via the internet and am currently hoping to find a completely online Doctoral Program (not much luck so far). In addition, I am also seeking my Online Teaching Certificate. I truly believe that distance education is the future and I want to stay ahead of the curve! 


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